How A Scalp Massage Results In Hair Loss?

When bald patches start to form and clumps of hair start to fall out after...

When bald patches start to form and clumps of hair start to fall out after brushing your locks or giving your scalp a head massage for hair loss , you have a major hair loss problem. You could start to question whether your scalp’s constant stretching and abrasive pressing throughout a head massage for hair loss are to blame.

So, is it possible for a scalp head massage for hair loss to result in hair loss? A head massage for hair loss does not bring on hair loss. On average, we lose 100 hair each day. However, you may notice clumps of hair falling out when you massage your scalp if you are experiencing hair loss brought on by conditions including stress, chemotherapy, illness, and prolonged medical treatment.

It can be frightful to see hair clumps in a comb after showering or a scalp massage. This article will show you basic head massage for hair loss techniques. Along with the basic list of essential oils you can use for your scalp massage. Finally, a method that works for everyone regardless of their hair issues.

What Is A Scalp Massage?

Simple physical stimulation of the scalp is what is meant by a head massage for hair loss (or scalp massage). You can carry it out using only your hands or particular tools. These can be straightforward plastic aids or sophisticated electrical equipment.

There are several uses for scalp massage. These include stress management and headache relief. The development of thicker, denser hair is another use. Because of this, head massage for hair loss is well-liked by people who suffer from hair loss.

Individuals who have good hair also utilize it. Even in the absence of serious hair loss, research has shown that it can result in stronger hair. To comprehend how head massage for hair loss can promote hair growth, we must first examine a significant issue with hair.

What Are The Main Causes Of Hair Loss?

Different types of baldness exist. More people encounter some than others. The vast majority of cases are of androgenetic alopecia (AGA). It is the cause of more than 95% of male hair loss.

Minimization Of Hair Follicles

AGA is distinguished by a procedure called hair follicle shrinkage. The follicles in the scalp’s balding regions gradually get smaller and weaker. They essentially shrink down to the size of a normal follicle.

The follicles eventually shrink to the point in which the hair can no longer penetrate the scalp. Hair loss may become permanent if not addressed in a timely manner.

AGA is a multifaceted issue. In other words, a number of factors work together to create the issue. However, the inadequate blood supply to the scalp is a major issue.

The scalp needs healthy blood flow just like any other human tissue does. The nutrients and oxygen that hair follicles require are carried by the blood. Moreover, it eliminates cellular debris like CO2. The follicles cannot function if there is not enough blood available. They are unable to maintain their normal (non-miniaturized) development cycle as a result.

Blood Flow And AGA

Scientists have long known that men having AGA have inadequate blood circulation in their receding hairline areas. Their blood circulation is normal when there isn’t any hair loss, for instance, on the side of their heads. There is no comparable pattern in men without AGA. In comparison to healthy males, men with AGA generally have two to three times reduced subcutaneous blood circulation in the scalp.

The fact that minoxidil was the first drug to be approved for use against AGA is not a coincidence. It has potent vasodilator properties. More blood can flow through because the blood arteries are widened. Topical minoxidil triples scalp blood flow in the first 15 minutes after application.

Blood Flow Is Improved By Scalp Massage

Fortunately, a head massage for hair loss can increase the amount of blood flowing to the scalp. The blood vessels close to the skin’s surface enlarge as a result of the massage. The speed of blood circulation there is accelerated as a result.

Histamines and other naturally occurring vasoactive chemicals are also encouraged to release locally during the massage. In other words, they have an impact on the vascular system by enlarging them. A vigorous, vigorous massage has more prominent vasoactive effects.

Head massage for hair loss encourages The Growth of Healthy Hair

We observed how stimulating the scalp could increase blood flow. Unsurprisingly, scientists have discovered that massaging the scalp may promote hair growth. It can accomplish this with both healthy and balding guys.

In a Japanese study, nine healthy males received daily scalp massages on one side of the heads for four minutes. They employed a Panasonic EH-HM75 electrical massager.

The scientists counted the total number of hairs, their thickness, and their rate of growth. Each participant underwent this procedure at 0, 4, 12, and 24 weeks.

Both the rate of hair growth and the total quantity of hairs did not considerably increase. At 24 weeks, however, the researchers noticed a discernible increase in hair thickness.

Even a slight increase in the thickness of the hair shaft can significantly boost the volume of all the hair. This is so because each hair shaft’s volume is a function of its diameter squared.

The researchers put out two theories for why the hair shaft’s diameter increased. The hair follicle cells are directly mechanically stimulated. The scientists presented some proof that extending the follicles mechanically can change how some genes are expressed. The dermal papilla cells in the hair follicle express these genes. The control of the hair development cycle depends heavily on the dermal papilla cells. The outcome is stronger hair growth.

Stopping Hair Loss With Scalp Massage

It has been discovered that massaging the scalp can stop or partially reverse hair loss. The outcomes were dose-related. Participants who massaged for the longest periods of time per day typically reported the highest outcomes. The same is true for individuals who massaged for longer lengths of time. Relative to a few weeks, massage for many months produced better effects.

On a score from -2 to +2, participants self-assessed their level of hair loss. Further hair loss was indicated by negative values, with -2 being the most severe. Zero represented unmodified hair, while positive values indicated the growth of new hair, with two being the best.

It typically took 36 hours of massaging to start noticing new hair. This amount was acquired during a period of several months of massage, usually four to five. Treatment had a better response with diffuse hair loss.

The study’s weakness is that the results are self-reports. Future research that observes patients in person would be able to confirm these findings.

The Most Basic Massage

After firmly grasping the scalp, make a circular motion with your hands. To prevent rubbing against the hair, be sure to firmly grasp the scalp.

The Squeeze

You can start the next massage, known as the squeeze, after a few minutes. It will become simpler over time. Try to apply this to your entire scalp, not just the afflicted regions.

Hands-On Squeeze

Do this once more all over your head, including areas where you have no thinning hair.

Massage To Provide Better Blood Flow To Your Scalp

Blood flow will be improved, and the entire scalp will become more flexible. Although your arms will get tired fairly soon, over time, you will discover that this gets simpler and easier. You should eventually try to give the massages for at least ten minutes every day. You will have adequate time to focus on each part of your scalp because of this.

Work With Scale Massager

Start by putting the tips of the metal stimulator in the aforementioned picture on the front of your head. Move the massager instrument slowly up and down. Although another massager tool is available for the crown, this one works best again for the sides of the head. You can use two brushes at once, one in each hand, if your hair is really short.

To prevent yanking out hair, always use one brush at a time and gently if you have long hair. Once you’ve finished massaging that spot, lift your massager and set it down on the area next to it.

How To Massage With Oil

Pour a 3/4 amount of your preferred oil (or combination of oils) into your palms. Warm the oil by rubbing your hands together.

As the massage continues, you could discover that you require extra oil. Apply evenly while continuing to add little quantities to your palms.

NOTE: When using essential oils, mix every drop with 5 mL of carrier oil. Essential oils have a lot of power. To prevent contact reactions, dilution is required. Additionally, it will transport the essential oil more successfully.

Apply just enough oil to the scalp to form a thin layer. Don’t drown the hair in the product. Let remain for an extra 5 to 10 minutes once the massage is over (10 to 15 minutes). Next, give it a good lukewarm rinse.

PRP – The Easy And Convenient Solution

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the greatest approach to speed up hair regrowth if everything else fails. One of the most well-liked hair loss treatments is PRP therapy, which is accessible in Fort Lauderdale. Science supports the use of this regenerative therapy to treat hair loss or thinning in both sexes. PRP therapy is a great non-invasive, drug-free solution for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss.

What Is PRP?

PRP is a substance that is remembered to advance mending when infused. Analysts have produced PRP by extricating plasma from blood and focusing it. Competitors have been known to utilize these infusions to assist with mending wounds.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a substance that is remembered to advance mending when infused.

Plasma is a piece of your blood that contains one of a kind “factors,” or proteins, that help your blood with thickening. It similarly contains proteins that help cell improvement. Examiners have made PRP by removing the plasma from blood and centring it.

The thought is that infusing PRP into harmed tissues will invigorate your body to develop new, sound cells and advance recuperation. Since the tissue development factors are more gathered in the pre-arranged development infusions, scientists figure the body’s tissues might mend quicker.

What Then Takes Place During PRP Therapy?

 PRP encourages healing and tissue restoration in your body by using your own blood. Numerous therapeutic substances found in the extracted plasma aid in the growth of hair and the repair of wounds. There is evidence that PRP can repair hair follicles.

How Is PRP Better That Oil Massage?

You won’t receive an injection of blood from an outside source because PRP injections are generated with your blood. After the blood has been drawn from your body, platelets must be extracted. Platelets are concentrated by centrifuging blood.

These activated platelets are infused into the afflicted area of your face after the platelet concentration is complete. This will cause the damaged areas to create more reparative cells, which repair or amend cells by releasing growth factors in those locations. More specifically, platelets are directly injected into the injured tissue in your body.

Final Words

The community that deals with hair loss are constantly searching for brand-new, cutting-edge drugs and sophisticated procedures. Understandably, a frequent complaint of many baldness sufferers is that skin massage just seemed too simple. This gives rise to them avoiding this same practice altogether.

Yet minimalism is not a disadvantage to any treatment. On the opposite, the easiest treatments are the most effective. For example, studies found that elevated blood pressure reduces more by fasting for several days. 


Scalp massages are a natural solution. They have no negative effects as a result. They do not necessitate medical supervision. Anyone can complete them in the comfort of their own home. These really are substantial benefits for anyone contemplating hair loss treatments.

You should conduct a daily head massage for at least 5 months before you choose if it is good for you. Actively taking baseline photos of one’s scalp will help in monitoring your progress.


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