What are The Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Summer?

The months of summer bring with them the flaunting waves of warm weather and a...

The months of summer bring with them the flaunting waves of warm weather and a hit of sun rays. Mostly you would feel that during the summers, the hair fall tends to get extreme; well, you are not alone in this. Seasonal hair loss is just as normal as you get cold and flu during the winters, though the constant hair fall in summer can be a bit depressing at times. Summer hair loss can be found in both men and women; it is caused due to several external and internal factors.

What are the Causes of Summer Hair Loss?

As technology has advanced, there are some ways to replace hair in different clinics so that hair loss issues can be resolved and strong, healthy hair growth can be promoted. In this article, we will try to understand the main reasons for hair loss in summer and how we can take some preventive measures to save our hair and make them healthy.

Hair loss can be caused due to damage that is a result of chlorine salt water, direct sun exposure, and heat. The hair can become dry, brittle and you may experience damaged hair during summer. The hair follicles that are present throughout the year may not be needed anymore. These could be the reasons due to which you experience hair fall in summer. Even after all these reasons, there is no reason for you to panic about your hair fall. Seasonal hair fall can always be reversed by taking some precautionary measures. We will discuss these measures ahead.

Hair Loss in Summer Due to Sun

Our heads might be fully exposed to the summer sun, which could be the main cause of hair damage, eventually leading to hair fall. The UV rays can suck out the moisture from your hair and make them dull, discoloured or dry. As we already know, when the hair becomes dry from the roots, they break easily. To save your hair, you can take the precautionary measure of keeping a large hat or a thermal protector on your head.

Hair Loss in Summer Due to Chlorine

People mostly enjoy swimming in the water pools during summer. But as we know that the pool water is exposed to chemicals for the cleaning purposes, which may as well damage your hair. Chlorine contains chemical properties that tend to dry your hair. As a result, your hair might release sebum, making your hair look rough, brittle, dull and easy to break. In order to prevent this, you can try oiling your hair weekly, and cover your oiled head to seal in the moisture.

Hair Loss in Summer Due to Wet Brushing

During the summer period, our hair is exposed to more water than usual. Always remember that when your hair is wet, you should not tie or brush them; the best way is to use your fingers as a comb when your hair is wet.

You may as well buy some good shampoos specially formulated for summer heat and sebum reverse. This will help you in the prevention of hair loss in summer.

Hair Loss in Summer Due to Hormones

The levels of testosterone are high during the spring and autumn season. Testosterone is often considered a male hormone, but it is present in both women and men and may be a cause of hair loss. But often times it can be mistaken with the other types of hair loss, known as alopecia areata etc.

Hair Loss in Summer Due to Dandruff

During the hot weather, dandruff may result in your hair, and this is because the hot temperature is ideal for the microbes that are the main cause of dandruff, Malassezia globosa, to develop. If dandruff is not treated within time, it can cause itching and inflammation that can also result in excess hair fall. You can use medicated or antidandruff shampoos during summer to avoid dandruff and hair fall.

Hair Loss in Summer Due to Air Conditioner

The worst enemy of air during summer is the hair conditioner. We use air conditioners more than usual during summer. The air conditioners suck away the natural moisture from your hair, in turn making then excessively dry. To save your hair from such a condition, you can use hair conditioners once or twice to week. The conditioner will lock in the moisture into your hair. You may as well try using hair masks to moisturize your hair.

How Can Hair Loss be Prevented in Summer?

You can follow these steps to prevent hair loss in summer.

  • Shampoo almost three times in a week. Try using sulfate-free products that are free of any parabens.
  • Before tying your hair, make sure your hair is dry.
  • Follow yoga and exercise on a regular basis, and this will help increase your blood flow to the scalp and help in the prevention of hair loss.
  • Don’t use air conditioners all the time; they tend to dry your hair from the roots.
  • Protect your hair from direct sun exposure, dust, and sweat. These elements may cause dandruff, and as a result, you can experience hair fall.
  • Always keep your hair clean and your scalp dry.

With the proper measures, you can keep your scalp healthy in the upcoming season of summer. You must know about the main reasons behind the hair loss and preventive measures to keep your hair safe from any damage.


There are many specialized professional workers that can help you with the natural looking hair transplant processes if you look online for places near you. these professionals can offer you expert advice with the best products, including the medicines and lotions as hair loss solutions. Other than that, you can take are of your hair with the best tips we mentioned in this article and keep your beauty through your hair.

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