How Much Does Vitamin IV Therapy Cost?

Vitamin IV Therapy offers a range of health benefits, from improved skin health to enhanced hydration and energy levels. Learn how Plasma Therapy’s specialized treatments at Fitzroy North and Oakleigh can boost your overall wellness in a comfortable setting.

What is Plasma Treatment Used For?

What is plasma therapy used for

Plasma treatment, once confined to the realm of science fiction, has now become a potent therapeutic tool with a wide range of applications in the field of medicine and aesthetics. Plasma, often referred to as the “fourth state of matter,” holds immense healing power, and its applications are continuously expanding. From facial rejuvenation and hair […]

Hair Regrowth: Myths, Methods, and Modern Science

In the quest for a luscious and healthy head of hair, people have traversed a landscape filled with myths, remedies, and innovations. Whether it’s the ancient folk wisdom passed down through generations or the cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs of today, the topic of hair regrowth has always held a special place in our collective fascination.  This […]

Is There A Way To Remove Eye Bags Permanently?

Are you tired of constantly battling with unsightly eye bags that seem to never go away? Many of us can relate to the frustration of trying various remedies and products in search of a permanent solution to these pesky under-eye puffiness. The quest for a flawless and rejuvenated appearance has led many to wonder, “Is […]

How To Get Rid Of Uneven Skin Tones?

uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tones are one of the most common skin issues people deal with, no matter their gender, race, or age. It can cause self-confidence issues and leave you feeling less than your beautiful best. Whether your uneven skin tone is caused by sun damage or aging processes, we want to help you understand what […]

A Detailed Guide on How Often to Wash Your Thin Hair

A Detailed Guide on How Often to Wash Your

One of the most common questions people have when it comes to hair health is how you need to wash your hair. Many people might think that washing their hair is a simple process, but this is more complex than it sounds.

Washing hair is a complete process, and for that, you need to have comprehensive information. If you have thin hair, then you need to know that it needs more care and attention. Hence, in this article, you learn all the things about thinning hair, how often to wash thinning hair and how to make them healthy. So let’s jump into the article and have a quick look at it.

How Often Is Microneedling for Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Treatment in Melbourne

The question of how often microneedling treats hair loss is among the most frequently asked across the globe. Hair loss prevention and treatment is the top concern for people battling baldness. It is a devastating condition that impacts many emotionally, mentally, and socially. Unfortunately, no standard solutions guarantee a complete cure for hair loss. This […]

What are The Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Summer?

The months of summer bring with them the flaunting waves of warm weather and a hit of sun rays. Mostly you would feel that during the summers, the hair fall tends to get extreme; well, you are not alone in this. Seasonal hair loss is just as normal as you get cold and flu during […]